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Flash tour of readings in Germany and the Czech Republic

Posted 12/11/2017

 I shall undertake, on December 5th, a flash tour of readings in Europe which will lead me first to Prag, then to three German cities.
I will go to Prag for three days on the occasion of the publication of Anna Cadilova's Czech translation of my novel Le facteur émotif at Albatros Media ( Among other events, a public reading will take place on December 7 at Fra Café (, a literary café.

I shall then travel to Munich where Die Verlobte des Briefträgers, Saskia Bontjes van Beek's German translation of La fiancée du facteur, will be published at DTV ( This will be my fourth novel published by this prestigious house. The book launch will take place on 11 December at Seidlvilla, München ( This event will be hosted by writer and journalist Günther Keil, and excerpts from the novel will be read by actress Sabrina Khalil and myself.

In the evening of December 12th, I will be in Bremen and will give a reading at the Institut Français; this meeting will be hosted by Phillipe Wellnitz, director of the Institute. Then I will go to Hamburg where I will lend myself to some promotional activities.
Two busy weeks in perspective. I will not miss this opportunity to see friends and visit some Christmas markets.